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A Hotel, a flat or a guest house. Places to stay in Minsk.

17 января 2014 2784

Minsk hotels can host more than 5000 people. More than 30 hotels work in the capital right now. More than 40 projects are being developed: Kempinski, Hilton, Mariott. Several new and reconstructed hotels are scheduled to open in Spring. These hotels sre designed for different guests and their total capacity will be more than 3000 places. Also 12 dormitories will become a temporary housing. Seven of them are a part of a new student campus. 

If you are worried about the place to stay in our country, you should, first of all, decide what amount of money you are ready to spend on living. The best Minsk hotels are: “Crown Plaza”, “Europe”, “Minsk” and “Victoria”.

The cost of a single room in “Victoria” is 180 $; double – 234 $. Another one comfortable complex – “President Hotel” – opend in 2013.

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1-3 star hotels are also glad to host guests. They are more cheap, but still comfortable. For example, “Sputnik”, “Voyage” and “Zvezda”. The average cost of a single-bed room is 80 $, the two-bed room is 100-150 $. 

The number of hostels in Minsk grows fast lately. There are 11 hostels in Minsk today, they can host more than 450 guests.  

Such mini-hotels host 30-60 guests. Rooms are made for 3-6 people, but toilets and kitchens are for common usage. One night costs 10-12 euros. Of course, the price can depend on conveniences. For example in Hotel Jazz the most expensive rooms (double-bed) are 35-50 euros per night. But 10-bed room is 10 euro. 

An apartment for rent has a range of advantages.

First of all, the price is lower than in the hotel. Of course, it depends on the location. For those, who are not so choosy, the price starts from 20 $. The most popular apartment cost 40-50 $. Two-room flats can host up to 6 people and cost 80 $ and more. 

The next advantage is that you pay for rent and it doesn’t matter if you’ll live there alone or with someone else. Another advantage is that apartments for rent are comfortable. The furniture, the kitchen supplies are modern and new.

There is another variant – guest houses out of town. This option suits for big companies: the whole house is at your disposal. Each house is equipped with bathhouse and a fireplace. Some of them offer dinners. The cost starts from 15 $ per person. 

The participants of the World Championship – team members, judges, journalists, IIHF representatives – will live in the hotels. “Crowne Plaza”, “The Robinson Club”, “Minsk”, “Europe”, “Garni”, “President-Hotel”, “Victoria-1”, “Victoria-2”, “Belarus” , “Victoria-Olimp”, “Renaissanse”, “Narochanskaja” and “Svisloch’” will host them. Fans will live in the city hostels, comfortable student campus, dormitories and hostels.

An official travel agency “CentrKurort” offers the most convenient travel-packs for the guests and fans. These packs include tickets, living options and a ticket for public transport. These packs also include city-tours.

- VIP-pack. The best tickets, rooms in elite hotels, reservation in VIP-restaurants, personal transfer, gifts and other bonuses are included.

- Fan-pack. Tickets, rooms in hotels or dormitories, souvenirs and bonuses are included.

- Family-pack. Is developed for those, who are going to visit the World Championship with children. Travel agency offers 50 % sale. The pack includes tickets, hotel rooms, souvenirs and bonuses and a mascot show before the game.

- Group tour. It offers 50 % sale for children and students. This pack includes tickets, places in fan-village, souvenirs and other bonuses. 

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